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Get on the Level

The Social Layer “Will affect our lives more deeply and more invisibly”   – game dynamics implementation according to Seth Priebatsch, the charismatic and almost always orange-clad founder of TheLevelUp.

LevelUp is a hybrid mobile payment system that includes elements of a debit card, Foursquare, a daily deals site, and a reviews site.  It’s also a game.  Priebatsch believes that Facebook’s Graph API is the decided default framework for the next decade of social interactions in much the same way certain web browsers dominated the first decade of the WWW.

“Leveling Up” is a compelling motivator for people and is the game layer on top of the social layer.  To hear more in-depth about what this all means, check out Priebatsch’s TED Talk.

The Game Layer

Some people believe gamification was a social media concept that was DOA.  Personally, I still am evaluating what this next step in fluid media could mean for privacy.  What do you think?