Sick of the Yellowbook Landing at Your Door? – How to Opt Out!

For some reason or another, you rarely find phone phone books useful any more (*cough, interwebs*).   You’ve probably come up with a creative use for them, or you simply recycle them.  Below are some common things that happen with newly arrived phone books.   If you don’t see something you’ve done with them please share in the comments below.  You’ll also see the quick and painless website that I recently used to opt out from yellowbook.


Booster Seats

College Dorm Furniture

Architectural Inspiration

Sarcasm Inspiration

More Sarcasm

Last but not least, Doorstop

I couldn’t find any closeups of people using the books for kindling, which I find reassuring that people aren’t quite that daring to shove their camera too close or perhaps we all actually still know how to relax amidst a crackling fire.

During a recent IMC619 class discussion about privacy on mobile platforms, part of the conversation (as they often can with our multiple online discussion threads) took a turn towards a related matter: opting in or opting out of marketing services.   I was excited to uncover and share with my classmates and colleagues a link that you can visit to register your email and home or business address and select how many yellowbooks you would like to (not) receive.   Obviously you can set everything to zero, or if you are a budding AirBnB entrepreneur and want to impress your guests (I guess?) you can request up to three of each kind.   Just don’t forget if you ask for more, in many areas, you’ll get two updates per year.   FYI, I haven’t received any emails yet after registering, but those can always be filtered out later and it’s a small price to pay for some front stoop solace and helping he environment. 🙂

Here’s the secured data (https) opt out link!

Please don’t forget to comment below on your creative uses for phone books and kindly take the quick poll on how many phone books you currently get or hope to no longer get.


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