Vine, Vine You’re So Fine

Is Twitter’s new Vine feature the ticket for moving up the food chain in fluid media?


“Vines to the Sky” – Matt Krack, digital photo, 2012

If you don’t know what Vine is, it is a lot like and a lot unlike Twitter itself.  Instead of a text and links only format of a tweet, a Vine video is limited to 6 seconds of audio+video footage.  Outside of choosing which 6 seconds of reality you can consecutively squash into your file, no editing is allowed.   Once the indication bar tells you that your footage has hit 6-seconds, you can either send it or delete it.   Because Vine is only enabled on iOS for the moment (<get it there and follow me @mkrack <WARNING- I CAN BE A HAM>), at least that 6 seconds is in sweet High-def format, the standard for iPhones.  Speaking of Apple, it has been purported that the tech behemoth has been  in secret talks with the Twitter camp since July 2012.   With Apple being a lover of rich media applications, is Vine ready to soon be unleashed on a much wider scale than just the early adopters of the service?   My thought is perhaps it will never make it to Android or any other non-Apple platform, but they might “share” with others later on.

It’s been over a month since the release and no non-Apple developers have been able to pounce on – I’m calling it for Vine now – the hottest new platform since Pinterest, though porn posters have threatened its long-term viability.   My confidence lies in Twitter Co. to figure out how to suppress and weed out the vast majority of those posts by creating slight posting delays for suspect posts to be able run them through some sort of recognition algorithm perhaps.  Anyone else have ideas on how Twitter could keep porn from running rampant over Vine?   I also think if Apple is really going to step in on this one, they are the de-facto experts in creating a safe and fuzzy environment for everyone.

Vine is also competing against a plethora of platforms already out there such as Branch, which is already on iOS and Android, not to mention a whole host of other thornily-competing apps and platforms.

So, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Vine, Vine You’re So Fine

  1. Mike Brice

    I have downloaded Vine, and while I am interested in the concept, except for the first test post of my office area, I have not posted another Vine. I think, with my photography background, that an Instagram is still my preferred choice.

    I do think the user interface for Vine is absolutely fabulous. The easy touch to record, release to pause is genius.

    1. mkrack Post author

      I think the touch/release feature is great. I’ve always wanted to dabble in stop-motion production, yet I knew how tedious frame stitching could be on most software. Not terrible perhaps, but time consuming. With Vine, I found it really seamless and painless to do stop-motion, so much so that was the first thing I ever posted on Vine.

  2. nicolewhitman

    Hi Matt,

    I have not downloaded Vine yet, but I am not sure that I am all that interested in it. The app sounds a lot like a video version of SnapChat. To me, this means most Vine videos will consist of beer bongs, “selfies,” and dogs, and I am not really interested in that.

    From a marketing perspective, I think Vine could be a great tool. 6-second sneak peak at a new product line? 6-seconds behind the scenes at an event? Maybe even 6-seconds in the dugout after a player hits a walk-off HR. I see potential here, but I am not sure Vine has taken off as planned.

    1. mkrack Post author


      I am getting the feeling as well that things seem to be going not as planned with Vine when speaking with others in general. It has a bad rap, but I think that one single negative story in the general media was a first impression that has stuck very well. Though, I think that there is potential for it in many ways and all is not lost yet. Many marketers have yet to hear about it in fact. I recently met someone that does social media for J.D. Byrider (a car dealer chain) and they definitely perked up when I mentioned how cool it could be for them to tweet (or vine?) a six second blast about a car’s features, or some sale/deal. Though, it is largely up to them to determine if that would be an effective approach for their clientele. Vine will definitely be something to watch in to see what happens in the coming months.



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